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Shopping for health insurance in California doesn't have to be a hassle. In fact, with all the health insurance choices Californians have, shopping for health insurance in California is generally much easier than in other states.

Among the leading health insurance carriers in California are Blue Cross of California, Blue Shield of California, Kaiser Permanente, PacifiCare, Health Net and Aetna. Whereas residents of other states tend to have to worry about the high cost of health insurance, California health insurance is generally more affordable because there is so much competition between health insurance carriers.

Additionally, purchasing health insurance in California is much easier because of both the number of health insurance providers and the number of companies offering online quotes, which make it easy for you to compare your California health insurance options, get instant quotes, and apply online.

In addition to individual health insurance, group health insurance, and supplemental health insurance for Medicare patients in California, Blue Cross of California for example, provides some health insurance plans with dental coverage. Those Californians who opt for health insurance plans without dental coverage can purchase separate dental coverage through Blue Cross of California.

Blue Shield of California also offers individual, group and Medicare Supplement health insurance plans as well as health insurance plans that qualify for Health Savings Accounts.

Like many of the health insurance companies in California, Kaiser Permanente works hard to offer residents of California health insurance. In addition to its health insurance plans, Kaiser Permanente is dedicated to providing its clients with preventative health and wellness plans. Among its health and wellness plans is the personalized weight program that is designed to help clients lose weight and keep that weight off.

Aetna is also one of California's top insurance carriers, offering Californians health, dental, and pharmacy insurance. Employers can also choose from a wide range of health insurance products, including health insurance plans that provide behavioral health coverage, they can offer their employees.

The best and most effective way of shopping for health insurance in California, is to compare all of your options then narrow your choices down to those that meet your criteria. Once you've evaluated your health insurance options, you can ultimately decide which health insurance carrier and plan is best for you.

Choosing the best California health insurance for your needs will likely be a lot less stressful because of your many affordable options, but be prepared to spend the required time to determine which plan, and which insurance carrier, is ultimately right for you.