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What is a HSA-eligible health insurance plan?

HSA-eligible health insurance plans are those compatible health insurance plans with a high deductible. A high deductible health insurance plan has several benefits. First, if you opt for a high deductible health insurance plan, you'll generally pay lower monthly premiums than if you opted for a low deductible health insurance plan.

A Health Savings Account, which is like a personal medical savings account can be offered by such financial institutions as banks and credit unions, allows you to save money on a pre tax basis that you can then use to pay for most medical expenses that are not already covered by your health insurance plan. Both you and your employer are allowed to add funds to your HSA.

Where can I find health insurance quotes in California?

Health insurance quotes in California are easy to obtain. There are a plethora of Web sites that allow you to plug in pertinent information then receive health insurance quotes. The best part of getting online health insurance quotes is you can generally compare the quotes side-by-side to determine which health insurance plan has the best price and is the most compatible with your health insurance needs.

You can also visit the individual health insurance companies' Web sites or call each health insurance company. However, if you want to save time, opt for an instant quote which you can get online. Once you've gotten your health insurance quote, you can fill out an online application for the health insurance plan you've chosen.

I'm a small business owner - am I eligible for group health insurance?

Group health insurance in California is available to small business owners with at least two employees. In addition to group health insurance, you may also be eligible for individual health insurance. But, how do you choose which is best for your particular needs?

If you opt for group health insurance, you and your employees will automatically be accepted into the plan, regardless of any preexisting conditions you or your employees have. In addition, most group health insurance plans offer maternity coverage, an attractive benefit for many.

One major downside of group health insurance is most health insurance companies require employees to be full-time. Additionally, group health insurance plans are generally more expensive than individual health insurance plans.

However, while individual health insurance plans are generally less expensive, your employees are not going to be guaranteed coverage. Many individual health insurance plans require those who enroll to be relatively healthy. And, those who do enroll in individual health insurance plans do not generally have maternity coverage. If an employee wants maternity coverage, he or she is going to have to pay more.

What is a Medicare-Supplement health insurance plan?

Medicare-Supplement health insurance plans are offered by most health insurance companies and are specifically designed for those Americans, who are 65 and older, on Medicare. Unfortunately, Medicare generally doesn't cover all of a patient's medical expenses. Medicare-Supplemental health insurance plans help Medicare patients cover those medical expenses not covered by Medicare.

What is the difference between a HMO health insurance plan and a PPO health insurance plan?

A HMO health insurance plan requires you to go to medical providers within the HMO's network. Alternately, a PPO health insurance plan gives you the freedom to choose from both in-network and out-of-network providers. However, if you opt for an out-of-network provider, you'll generally pay higher co-pays. Choosing between a HMO health insurance plan and a PPO health insurance plan really boils down to personal preference.

How often should I shop for health insurance?

Once you've chosen the best health insurance plan for your needs at the best price for your budget, you're still not done. You want to ensure that you continue to have the best plan for the best price on an annual basis. It's normal for health insurance prices to increase every year, one of the major reasons you should shop for health insurance annually.

Fortunately, researching health insurance plans has become considerably easier. You can get instant quotes online, making it simple to compare quotes and determine which health insurance plan has the best price.