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Health insurance in California, and nationwide, has become a necessity for most people, but choosing individual health insurance may well be much easier for Californians because of the many affordable options they have with such health insurance carriers as Blue Cross of California, Blue Shield of California, Kaiser Permanente, and Aetna.

Because of the many individual health insurance options Californians have, the biggest challenge consumers will likely face is choosing the best individual health insurance plan for their needs.

In California individual health insurance is offered by several carriers, so how do you decide which carrier and which plan are best for your needs? To ensure choosing your California individual health insurance plan is easy, first determine your health insurance needs: To what extent do you need coverage? Do you want a high-deductible plan or a HSA compatible plan so you can qualify for a Health Savings Account? Do you want dental coverage? Knowing your exact individual health insurance needs will make shopping for health insurance much easier.

In addition to your individual health insurance needs, you must also determine how much you can afford to spend on a monthly basis. But, your decisions don't stop there. You must also decide whether you prefer a HMO or a PPO plan. If you opt for a HMO individual health insurance plan, you can only use providers that are in the network. Alternately, a PPO plan will you give far more flexibility, allowing you to choose between going to providers in or out of network. If you opt to go out of network with a PPO plan, you'll generally pay higher co-pays.

In California individual health insurance plans also generally allow you to choose your deductible, your out of pocket maximum limit, your office visits co-pays etc... Those individual health insurance plans with a high enough deductible usually make the insured eligible to start a Health Savings Account, often known simply as a HSA.

A Health Savings Account allows individuals and families to save money that they can then use to pay for most medical expenses that weren't covered by their health insurance plan or had to reach a deductible before they were covered. A HSA is essentially a personal savings account that is dedicated for healthcare expenses. You or your employer are permitted to deposit funds into it.

In California individual health insurance provides Californians with a variety of options, ranging from HMO and PPO plans to individual health insurance plans that are HSA and Medicare eligible.

Finding the best individual health insurance in California for your needs no longer has to be difficult. In fact, many Web sites allow you to get an instant quote with a simple click of the mouse, and you can apply online for the individual health insurance plan you've chosen.